We have been roasters for 4 generations, coffee is a family tradition and a great passion for us.

CAFEMOKA brand is recognized as Piedmontese Artisan Excellence, a recognition that we have obtained by combining our experience with the latest generation of plant engineering solutions, which ensure the highest quality in roasting, packaging and packaging customization.

We reserve a deep attention in the selection and purchase of the origins, which are a guarantee, together with the roasting, of a constant result of high quality.

Our team is consciously motivated to business growth, without losing sight of the identity and value of the brand, with the aim of creating the best blends and taste experiences for our customers.


My name is Paolo Alberici, and I was born in a coffee bean. That's why I love my job. My grandfather and father have taught me all their secrets, related to roasting and mixing the various origins of the most loved drink in the world. I always remember the end of school as a special moment, because I could have been at the roasting, working like the grown-ups. Actually for my official entry I had to wait until 1985 when, after the military service, I had to really grow!

For about 20 years I covered all the roles of the company, except that of roasting. Franco Alberici (my dad) was extremely jealous of his toaster. In 2006 after we move into the new factory I became the owner of the company, and having gained a certain age my light-heartedness gave way to the awareness that I would have to commit myself to preserving the family traditions, always keeping an eye to the changes of the times. This led me to run towards increasingly important goals that I was able to achieve thanks to my collaborators, first and most important is Erion.

Hi, I'm Francesca, I'm the fourth generation. Not having enough history to tell, I will give you a brief summary in numbers: I have been working here for 2 years so far, but actually I've been in the roasting for 22. There are about 10 cups of coffee drunk from 0 to 19 years, there are about 1750 cups drunk between 19 and 22. There are 8 fairs I attended, 3 grand gala in long dress, at least 2 times I stumbled in front to important entrepreneurs in the coffee world and at least 10 times when I felt very uncomfortable.

There are just as many times when Dad made me overcome the embarrassment with a laugh. I also achieved goals that I am proud of: for example there are 6 binders filled with everything that is the quality management system, 3 audits of certification faced and fortunately always 3 those successfully passed. There are also 5 kg lost during the first certification. 134 technical data sheets are created, 5 days it took me to create the first from nothing. There are countless things I have learned, people I have met, from the best to the worst, that, recent discovery, often can teach you even more than the first type. There are at least 100 things I want to do, objectives to be achieved and 1 the dream to pursue together

Our dream because now this dream is already shared by 15 people


Franco opens the roasting.

Paolo Alberici officialy joins the company.

November. Flood in Alessandria, the plant is devastated.

December. We start stronger than before with a new equipment

We begin to serve the world of vending.

Opening to the foreign markets.

We move into the new plant

Beginning of private label collaborations.

Opening to the coffee capsules and single-portioned world.

New markets / Exponential growth

Francesca Alberici joins the company

Installation of the second roaster and doubling of the warehouse.

To be continued...