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PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE of a company in the service of the costumer
In CAFEMOKA you can breathe the scent of freshly roasted coffee, the taste and aroma of the artisan tradition. Our coffee blends are born in a modern production plant, where we only produce what we sell, to always guarantee the highest quality and excellence of the product
Torrefazione Cafemoka

We have been roasters for 4 generations, coffee is a family tradition and a great passion for us. The CAFEMOKA brand is recognized as Piedmontese Artisan Excellence, a recognition that we have obtained by combining our experience with the latest generation of plant solutions, which ensure the highest quality in roasting, packaging and packaging customization. We reserve a deep attention in the selection and purchase of the coffee origins, which are a guarantee, together with the roasting, of a constant result of high quality. Our team is consciously motivated to business growth, without losing sight of the identity and value of the brand, with the aim of creating the best blends and taste experiences for our customers

  • 1966

    Year of foundation

  • 15


  • 25

    Countries of origin

  • 4

    Generations of Roasters


  • Coffee Roasting
    Roasting coffee is a magical and delicate moment. We roast the coffee after mixing, as our artisan tradition dictates. It is with this process that the unmistakable taste and aroma of our blends is formed

  • Custom Blends
    Custom blends Mixing coffee is an art that consists in dosing wisely the different varieties of coffee. Our experts harmonize the blends to create unique and inimitable products with constancy and perfection. Therefore the quality of our blends.

  • Coffee Beans Packaging
    The packaging of our coffee beans takes place inside bags equipped with a special high-pressure one-way valve, which guarantees longer storage of the beans in their original atmosphere.

  • Ground Coffee Packaging
    Grinding has a fundamental role in obtaining a good cup of coffee. Ground coffee is particularly hygroscopic and therefore humidity spoils its quality, our vacuum packaging keeps the characteristics of the blend intact.


We create tailor made blends, and we take care of the entire creative process from brand creation to product packaging. When you go to a tailor for a particular fashion item, or you enter an artisan perfumery to compose a unique fragrance, what you are doing is claiming your identity. The idea that the product we choose represents us, speaks of us before us. In a society that sometimes appears flattened (by social networks, influencers ...) and conformist, seeking one's own distinction is a gesture of character. With coffee, we do this. Private Label means that together with you, we will follow every phase of production, from the selection of green beans to packaging, to finally give you a unique coffee in the world, yours.


The acronym Ho.Re.Ca., as many of you know, refers to the hotel sector: it is an acronym for Hotellerie, Restaurant, Café. When it comes to a business dimension, distinguishing yourself through a product that is yours alone, a branded product, is fundamental. Think of the customer's reaction when he finds out that the name of your company will not only be written on the cup you are serving him, but even in what is inside! Owning your own coffee line means professionalism, passion and loyalty to your work. Customer loyalty comes accordingly. A "small" data: in Italy alone there are 149,154 bars serving coffee every day. With our Horeca line 149.153 bar won't have the coffee you have.


Having been awarded Italian Artisan Excellence for us is a source of great pride. But what is the taste of being custodians of a tradition if you do not make it known, and in our case taste it, to the rest of the world? It is for this reason that in 1998 we decided to open Cafemoka's "borders" to the foreign market, with the idea of exporting, rather than a mere product, our idea of work, made of quality and dedication. In more than twenty years of foreign relations, we have been rewarded with the satisfaction of seeing our cups on the counters around the world, and now we can have a network of agents who work daily in the various areas, with the aim of create a real coffee "Internazionale". We sold the first coffee kilo in 1966 in Alessandria, half a kilometer from our office. One thing has changed: today we are no longer able to count neither the beans sold nor the kilometers they travel. What never changes is our passion.


  • ISO 9001

    ISO 9001 is the international reference standard for the quality management of any organization that aims to satisfy its customer with regards to the products and services provided, as well as the continuous improvement of company performance.

  • UTZ

    The UTZ protocol is a worldwide certification program aimed at producers of sustainable tea, coffee and Cocoa whose purpose is to ensure that primary production is implemented

  • BRC

    The BRC (British Retail Consortium) is a specific global standard for the safety of agri-food products. The aim of the standard is to ensure that suppliers and retailers of large organized distribution are able to ensure the quality and safety of the food products offered to consumers.

  • IFS

    IFS Food is a certification recognized by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) which refers to food safety and the quality of all production processes, traceability and products.